Pefkos Resort

So you have finally made your way to Pefkos. The island of Rhodes is beautiful, picturesque even, but you have not seen beaches like this anywhere else on the island. The water is pristine, everclear and beautifully calling out to you. The kids are antsy too after the plane trip. Of course, one has to settle in first. The resorts at Pefkos are a wonderful place to relax and have some fun while at the island. Located 4km south from the ancient city of Lindos, the resort town of Pefkos is your amazing island getaway in Rhodes.

Essentially speaking, Pefkos is a large resort in itself. Aside from being an old fishing town, the village seems to have morphed itself into becoming a large hub of support for its tourism sector. Almost every shop and resort in the area offers one service of product that is aimed at making the island's visitors enjoy their stay in this wonderful resort town and feel very welcome. The quaint feel of the town as well as the friendly faces of the locals add to make Pefkos a wonderful experience in itself. The bars and restaurants in the area all serve a bit of everything, from traditional Greek food to more Italian and British-inspired fare like pizzas, pastas and English bacon and eggs.


Along the coast of the Aegean, the beaches of Pefkos offer the guests all the amenities needed for a wonderful ocean getaway. Along the beach there are several umbrellas, sun beds and lounge chairs, as well as several beach bars offering snacks and a cold beverage for your convenience. There are many activities available for the guests too, like snorkeling and pedal boat rentals. The beach is also wide enough that the umbrellas are spaced apart to minimize any disturbance.


The Pefkos resort offers travelers one of the best blue flag beach experiences in all of Greece. By having blue flag certification, guests at the resorts can be sure that the beaches and marinas of Pefkos have met stringent safety and cleanliness standards, ensuring a most enjoyable experience for you and your family!