Pefkos Holidays

It can get really stressful in the city. The constant demands on your time, the pollution, the crowds, can be very daunting at times. Perhaps it is the perfect time to go on holiday with your loved ones and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Why not consider taking a trip to beautiful Pefkos, on the ancient island of Rhodes in Greece?


Nested amongst the Pine trees upon which the village got its name, Pefkos is truly a unique island paradise. Its pristine blue waters and golden sands mixed with the laid-back and serene people make this resort a wonderful escape from all the stresses of living in urban cities.

The moment you step down from the Rhodes airport and take the bus or cab and arrive at this beautiful locale, you will feel instantly at home with yourself. Pefkos is not your typical island resort promising all night parties and loud music. Pefkos is your beautiful sunbathed retreat, offering quiet times and a wonderful laid-back atmosphere.


Relax as you let the sound of the waves from the Aegean Sea lull you into a sense of relaxation while you unwind and sit under the shade of the umbrella or the warmth of the noonday sun on a tanning chair. Read a book and order a fabulous local meal or an ice-cold drink from one of the resort's many bars.


Bring the children too! Pefkos is a child-friendly vacation haven, offering a wealth of activities like snorkeling and paddle boating under the watchful eye of dedicated staff. The facilities of the resort as well as the sights and sounds of the village are more than enough to keep a child occupied and happy.


Truly, this amazing location is a wonder to behold. Quiet, authentic yet not lost on the times - this little fisherman's village offers more than just the average getaway. Pefkos sells the experience of a lifetime, the authentic Aegean experience minus the loud noises and distractions of the city life. Pefkos is an escape into paradise, one which you are guaranteed to never regret taking.