Pefkos Beach

Truly a wonderful sight to behold, the miles-long Pefkos beach stretches throughout the south side of Rhodes. It is perhaps the largest selling point of this area with the pristine golden and fine sand of Pefkos beach. Mile long stretches enough for hundreds of visitors, umbrellas and sun beds at the ready, waiting to be rented out by the willing guest. Mini bars and stalls on the beach offering delectable fare and cold beverages. Such is the wonderful life at the Pefkos beach.


Situated amongst the many pine trees of the area, Pefkos beach is a unique wonder. The abundance of large pine trees in the region gives the quaint fisherman's village a uniquely mountain appeal while still showing off one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece.

There is a wide variety of activities and sights available for the guests of Pefkos in the beach including water sports such as snorkeling and boat rides as well as paddle boat rentals and inflatable rides, guaranteeing tons of fun for the whole family to enjoy.


A little known fact about Pefkos is that the beach is certified Blue Flag quality. It is only one of 3,555 beaches and marinas in the entire world with that distinction. Blue Flag certification means that the beach itself has undergone and successfully passed quality testing, giving any visitor the peace of mind that the beach is pristine, and a wonder to swim in.


There are many different sections of beach in this area, some of which have their own private lodgings and villas nearby. If you are looking for a little quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the main beaches, why not rent one of the individual villas along the beach front? This allows the visitor to have unprecedented access to the scenic and spectacular beach. The lucky visitor may also catch one of the islands famous sunsets during their stay with their families.


All in all, one cannot go wrong with a trip to Pefkos beach, its pristine water and golden sands simply calls one to this majestic place nestled among the pines of Rhodes. Surely an experience worth remembering.